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Sunflower Piano House @ Northpoint, Yishun

About Us

Our curriculum is a tried and tested, holistic approach for your child. Far more than just preparing your child for music exams, our teachers are trained to instill a sense of musicality in each and every one of our students.

We specialize in teaching piano. Our method of instruction is a decades-long, tried and tested traditional learning method that has trained some of the world’s leading Chinese pianists.

We believe that your child can build a strong, solid foundation in classical music through an education with us.

sunflower piano about us

Our mission is to provide our community with quality music education at an affordable price. We have served the Yishun community for over 6 years since our inception, and we hope to establish ourselves as a key music education provider in Yishun for many years to come.


We hope to develop some of Singapore’s top pianists that will one day represent Singapore on the world stage in international piano competitions.

Our classes

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ABRSM Exam Preparation Course

We offer Grade 1 – Grade 8 classes following the ABRSM syllabus.

We have selected the ABRSM syllabus as it is a well recognized certification testing students on a broad range of skills and techniques. Through taking our classes and going for the ABRSM examination, your child will not only polish his/her piano playing skills, but also his/her skills in singing, music appreciation, and music theory.

The ABRSM exams contain four components: three pieces composed in varying eras, an aural component, a scales component testing finger technique, and a sight reading component. We here at Sunflower Piano House have sent hundreds of students for the ABRSM examinations and are confident of giving your child the best education in preparation of these examinations.

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Classical Piano for Young Children

We are Piano Teaching Specialist, believing in traditional method for classical music. Why should your children learn piano? It's NOT Only about music..... It's also about:

  1. Developing Creativity
  2. Improve fine motor skills and coordination
  3. Stay focused to achieve goals

For your child’s development, we strongly recommend registering your child for these classes only after he or she has turned 6. This is because prior to that age range, your child’s finger muscles may not yet have developed fully, and learning on an actual piano will lead to your child having to use excessive force to press the heavier keys.

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Theory Lesson and Exam Preparation

As instrumental skills progress, development in music theory and musicianship becomes increasingly important in helping students to perform with sensitivity, understanding and confidence. 100% passing rate in our 7 years history.

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Adults Learn for Leisure

We believe in lifelong learning! Learning the piano provides plenty of cognitive benefits, and helps prevent arthritis. It is never too late to learn the piano - in fact, we have many senior citizens learning with us.

Pop songs, contemporary music, improvisation......It's never too late to start!


dedicated to excellence

Our teachers hail from local music institutions, from LaSalle College of the Arts, to Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, to Singapore Raffles Music College.

Our teachers are committed to providing a personalized music education to your child. We understand that each and every child is different and may require different teaching methodologies to bring out the best in him or her.

We also have teachers who specialize in early childhood education, who are prepared to guide our younger students.

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