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Affordable, high quality music education

We are providing 1-to-1 piano lessons, group lessons, workshops, masterclasses, as well as online tution, so the choice is always up to you!


Graded Exam Preparation, MOE music courses, specialised in Diploma Course and beyond

By taking courses from us, your child will not only polish his/her piano performance skills, but also be set a solid foundation in singing, music appreciation and theory.


Traditional Method
for classical music

We are piano specialist believing in traditional training method, which is focused on developing creativity, improving fine motor skills and hands coordination, understanding music from the root.


Music Theory and Composition

Stay tuned with our workshops and masterclasses, which provide theory knowledge in depth and width.

About our Teachers

Our teachers hail from local music academies, top USA and European universities. They are committed to provide a personalized music education to your children. We also have Teachers who are specialized in early childhood education and prepared to guide young children.

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